Stop wasting time building your team
one developer at a time!

We can give you an entire team ready to take
on a new project or expand an existing one, or we can help
build an entire team for your unique technology stack
in a very short amount of time.

Our Services

  • Hire Exceptional
  • Hire Great
  • Become Your Product &
    Engineering Group

We are not recruiters!

We are not recruiters. We are complete Product Teams
ready on standby. Reach out and tell us about your project.
Our Product folks and Development Leads will be glad
to learn more and offer their advice.

Our Specialty

Product Management

Product Management goes beyond managing a customer defined feature backlog, it also requires original thinking and ideas. Our experts will dive into your world of business to understand your problem, your market, and drive the vision forward.

Project Management

Software projects are complex. Highly skilled project management resources are needed to help maintain high pace development environment by lifting impediments, addressing challenges, and coordinating many complex development activities to ensure project is executed on time and on budget.

Quality Assurance

We’ll match your development teams with an experienced team of Quality Assurance engineers to help monitor and maintain the quality of your product from the first line of code. This is an extremely valuable asset in development and we are absolutely glad to help here as well.


Developing the project is only a start, it requires great DevOps engineers to help launch, monitor, and scale the systems one the usage increases. We’ll match you with DevOps teams that are experts in your technology stack and cloud environment. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, we will help configure and maintain the environment to keep the project moving.


We will become your IT recruiter, expanding your HR department to help you hire the right technical and project management resources, oversee new

Collaboration and Knowledge
is our secret sauce!
Let us do the work for you.